About Greg Fulton

Instrumentalist / Composer / Instructor

Greg Fulton is a Seattle based musician playing guitar, mandolin, banjo and organ.  He is a graduate of PLU with a degree in composition, guitar performance and corollary studies in conducting. 

• Professional solo artist and session musician

Pit musician at the 5th Avenue Theatre, Village Theatre, ACT Theatre, Paramount Theatre and the Seattle Repertory Theatre

• Church music director (organ and choir, 1993-2015), 

• Member of various bands playing clubs and private events.

• Instrumental Music Ensemble instructor at Seattle Waldorf School.

Greg is also an orchestrator and composer with several credits to his name.  

Currently  he may be found with local bands such as The Jazz PoliceCarrie Clark and the Lonesome Lovers , and Jill Cohn

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Instrumentalist • Composer • Instructor

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